Amazônia Font


Amazônia is a multidisciplinary design project that joins type design, illustration and web design with the whole purpose of creating awareness about the threaten wildlife of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest.


Explore the idea of developing a complete design ecosystem that blends together in order to enable an exclusive experience and an independent purchase platform for a font system.


Web Design / Typoraphy tester / E-commerce / Color Illustrations / New html5 website, responsive and mobile capable / Typography Design / CMS / SEO

Launch Site

The main element of this system is Amazônia Script, a type design inspired in the exotic wildlife of the Amazon. Completely drawn in brush pen by Sofia Mohr, it’s a versatile font that contains 763 slightly rugged and condensed glyphs”

Trama Studio

We saw this as an opportunity to create something different, a font design with it’s own interactive specimen and e-commerce platform, but with an immerse experience that would capture users attention for a longer period of time.”

Trama Studio