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Dinámica plataforma is a consulting company looking to expand the discussion frontier around relationship dynamics, economic development, natural resources and territorial sustainability.

Amazônia Font

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Interactive font specimen and e-commerce website that showcases Amazônia, a font design inspired in the Amazon rainforest.

Gabrielle Dolan

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Keynote speaker, educator and author, Gabrielle has worked with thousands of high-profile leaders from around the world.

Jargon Free Fridays

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Jargon Free Fridays is a campaign lead by Gabriel Dolan. She is on a mission to change the way we communicate in business

Adison Partners

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Adison Partners is a global, boutique talent management consulting firm...


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A collective that studies the history of public transportation in Chile. They have released three publications so far, the first two focusing on the...

The Lighting Syndicate

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A New York agency that provides lighting installation services, customized lighting solutions and experiences across a wide array of platforms...