Jargon Free Fridays


Jargon Free Fridays is a campaign lead by Gabrielle Dolan. She is on a mission to change the way we communicate in business, moving away from the default of corporate jargon that disconnects and isolates people.


New website and brand identity concept that portraits the difficulties of understanding corporate jargon. This should encourage users to get involved by taking the Jargon Free Fridays challenge.


Brand Identity / Logo design / Business cards / Poster design / Game card design / New html5 website, responsive and mobile capable / Online interactive game / Custom game cards / CMS / SEO

Launch Site

Jargon Free Fridays is about changing the way we communicate in business. We are drowning in a sea of corporate jargon, acronyms and bullet points. We are confused and bewildered by leaders who are not prepared to say it as it is and talk in a way that is more real.

Gabrielle Dolan